Cellular Automata and Sand Dunes

Here’s a very short summary of a complex load of modelling that I was involved with. The basic model is a cellular model on a grid – each grid square has a stack of grains of sand on it. Then each step of the model involves a grain […]

Salmon movements in Alaska

Here I made a few models for a fisher (Andrew Scudder). At the time NOAA were producing two week forecasts of the currents in Prince William Sound in Alaska. Andrew had the idea that we might be able to model salmon returning to their natal rivers by using […]

Modelling historical tag tracks

Here is an example of taking a track from an historical paper and modelling it. This means that new information can be derived from old published data. So, we take a modern hydrodynamic model of the area where the tag was deployed, we set it up to replicate […]

Tuna behaviour and scans

Here is an MRI scan of a tuna head – 1m TL Albacore Tuna. Kindly provided by Hobart Hospital. This is reproduced from a paper I co-authored on Tuna behaviour, listed in the scientific references in this site.

Artemis – mussel machine learning

Artemis – aren’t they all called that! Here I developed a simple method to machine classify the behavioural state of a load of mussels. Basically the experiment consisted of exposing groups of 8 mussels to a varying concentration of pollutants to see when they reacted (by closing their […]

Beach process – cellular automata

Here is a model I made of a beach. It was based on a talk by Alan Brampton at HR Wallingford. Alan explained how various sizes of particles in beaches are moved around by the action of the waves pumping the wet aggregate of sand pebble and rocks. […]

Poole harbour – manila clam models

The whole point of these models was to find out if it was plausible for manila clam larvae to move with the tides all the way from Poole Harbour to Southampton Water. Manila clam were introduced into Poole Harbour by the government to create a new fishery. They […]

Robot fish

I’ve made a few robot rays and robot fish. I originally started doing this while working at Animal Dynamics Limited and so my early innovations belong to them. I hope they use them well. All these new ones have been redeveloped and reimagined from scratch. I have applied […]

Whales and Krill

These studies obsessed me for a few years. There are two papers listed in the Scientific Research referenced on the right of this page. Basically I had the idea that Whales contributed to the high abundance of krill in the same way cows contribute to a high abundance […]

Climbing Loaches

Here we gave loaches the opportunity to climb a waterfall over a glass sheet. They were enthusiastic and climbed the sheet without any interference from us. We had been thinking of activities to avoid boredom in captive fish – but that’s another story – here we embedded a […]